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Important websites

Control Centre -

You can use the control panel to do the following

  • Set up mailboxes for your domain
  • View statistical information for your domain
  • Enable JSP,MySQL support
  • Create ODBC connections
  • Set up password protection
  • Plus more features

PhpMyAdmin -

  • Administor MySQL Databases
  • Run queries on MySQL databases
Contacting technical support

Before contacting technical support you should always try using the support pages found on this site. If you cannot find the answer or you need us to do something for you write to your support representative. Please include the following information
  • Your domain name
  • Exactly what you are doing (including a URL to reproduce behaviour)
  • An error message if this is applicable
  • Has this ever worked before if this was at one stage working
  • What you expect to see
If your problem is permissions related you can change permissions on files either by using the control panel if your domain is on a Window's 2000 server or by Chmoding if your domain is hosted on a Linux server via your FTP client Without this information we cannot answer most questions. Providing all the information will get you a fast complete answer.


Server Information

Mail Server

POP 3 Server
SMTP Server Please see your ISP
Set up Mailboxes For details click here
Set up email clients Netscape Outlook
Web Based email For details click here


Web Server Apache 1.3.20
Sendmail Version 8
Operating System Red Hat Linux 7.2 (Enigma)
PHP Version 4.0
Perl Version 5.6
FTP WuFTP -2.6.1-18
MySQL Version 3.23.41
Perl Location /usr/bin/perl
Date Loaction /bin/date
Sendmail Location /usr/sbin/sendmail

Windows 2000

Web Server IIS (Internet Information Service ) 5.0
Sendmail Version 8
Operating System Windows 2000 Server, Service Pack 2
Perl Active Perl Veriosn 5.6
Sendmail c:\Inetpub\scripts\sendmail.exe
Blat c:\winnt\system32\blat.exe
Jmail Version 3.7
PHP Version 4.12
JSP Resin 2.1
JDK Sun JDK 1.4.
ASP.NET Beta 2
ASP Components For a list contact your support rep