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When it comes to selling products on the Internet, in kiosks or on CD ROM, flat pictures just don't cut it. If you really want to stand out from the rest and see your sales soar, talk to us about animating your products using Video Edge Interactive Imaging.

Examples of our "Bronze" Virtual Tour PackageExamples of our "Silver" Virtual Tour PackageExamples of our "Gold" Virtual Tour Packages.
3D VR-Objects keep people shopping longer, make them more comfortable with their purchasing decision and make them hit the "buy button" instead of clicking off to a competitors site. It's like having your shop open 24/7....
This technology is ideal for displaying these types of products:
* Jewellery
* Toys
* Clothing
* Electronics
Why not checkout a sample or two??
Sony D8 Camcorder
A Cute Honey Bear
Sony D8 Camcorder
A Cute Honey Bear
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Video Edge is VERY proud to secure Virtual Tour projects for Brisbane City Council
Welcome to Queensland Cricket. Our latest Virtual Tour customer.
Video Edge secures web development project for Fitzy's Hotel Chain.