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RedHat Linux Server is well-known as one of the most stable platforms available. It's recommended for sites with mostly HTML and without a lot of server-side scripting except of course for CGI/Perl which is native to the Linux Server.


Our RedHat Linux plan supports the following features (move the mouse over any of the features to learn more about them):



Standard Hosting Rates in Australian dollars: 1 off Setup Fee of $55. Then pay just $275 per year for this quality service.

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If you need more than 50 mb of space (this entire html and graphics on this site doesn't even take up 1mb) we charge $165 per YEAR for 50 extra mb. All our servers are based in the US (Texas, Colorado or Michigan). Please note if you need a domain name we charge $165 to purchase one and set it up on your behalf (this includes the cost of the domain name for two years, note that we register the domain in your name, and also name you the administrative contact). Up to 2GB of bandwidth is free per month (this is data transferred from your site), beyond this the cost is $16.50 per GB.
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