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Step inside a revolutionary dimension in Internet and CD ROM Marketing. Highly Interactive and 'e-mmersive' tools that let customers, " Look Before They Book ".

Specialising in
"e-mmersive" Internet Solutions and Virtual Tours
Think of your website as a television program. Web surfer's have similar characteristics as channel surfer's. Difference is there are millions of channels on the Net. So your website has to stand out from the 'rest'.
Checkout beautiful Daydream Island   Checkout the Mt. Cootha Botanical Gardens   Checkout a behind the scenes look at the Mighty Brisbane Lions
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What method does your website currently use to attract the attention of surfer's? What stimulates interest, while providing necessary information about your products or service?

Your website must consider the following elements:

"Latest News"
* Attract people to your website.
* Retain their interest long enough to sell your product or service.
* Ensure they will come back.
* Promote word-of-mouth
At Video Edge we specialize in creating customized, interactive content for your website, that will increase traffic, increase the time people spend at your site, sell your product, and keep people coming back. Click here for more information on Virtual Tours.
Video Edge secures website development for Wantima Country Club
Welcome to Sex Kitten. Our latest Virtual Tour customer to update to Fullscreen
Thank-you Cedar Creek Lodges for once again leading the way with a Fullscreen Update.
K. Diamond. Public Relations Manager. Twin Towns Services Club
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" Video Edge Virtual Tours have exceeded our wildest expectations. In one day, we actually booked our Tuscany Room 3 times as a direct result of clients viewing our Virtual Tours. Fantastic!"